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Improve Your Decision Making with Big Data Testing

The increase in the data volume has made the collection of data and efficient decision making based on the data a challenging task. The high magnitude of data leads to performance issues, increased efforts, as well as increased handling costs. With the exponential growth of data, big data testing has become all the more important.

Big data refers to the huge pile of data sets in structured as well as unstructured manned collected from a variety of sources. KiwiQA offers high-end big data testing services in UK and globally in order to ensure proper validation of the collected data and enhance the quality of data analysis.

How Big Data Testing Is Useful?

Poor data quality can result in huge losses for the enterprises. With the growing competitiveness in the current market, big data testing helps enterprises to gain a competitive edge. By analyzing the behaviour of the end customers and understanding the current trend of the market, big data helps in delivering services as per the expectations of the customers. With the increasing adoption of big data by different enterprises, big data testing has gained much importance.

We, at KiwiQA, provide quality big data testing services to the clients to provide better insights for enhanced decision making. We help in identifying any potential flaws in data and increase the big data quality of the enterprises.

Our Big Data Testing Services

KiwiQA provides a wide range of big data testing services for delivering better insights to the enterprises. The big data testing services offered by KiwiQA include:

Performance Testing
Big Data Sources Extraction Testing
Security Testing
Data Analytics and Visualization Testing
Big Data Ecosystem Testing
Big Data Integration and Repository Testing
Data Migration Testing
Analytic Layer Testing

Benefits of Choosing Big Data Testing Services of KiwiQA

Technical Expertise

Big data being a new term, big data testing requires technical expertise. At KiwiQA, we have a team of professional testers who have the requisite technical expertise to conduct big data testing effectively. Our professional experts have a thorough understanding of the big data ecosystem and can provide valuable insights to the enterprises. With exceptional knowledge, great big data testing skills, and years of experience, our experts provide the best big data solutions to the clients.

Faster Delivery

Our professional testers at KiwiQA are committed to delivering big data testing services at the fastest time possible. With the help of the best test cases, they help in identifying the security issues and other loopholes faster and provide accurate big data solutions within a short time frame. They aim at reducing the time to market so as to ensure better outcomes for the enterprises.

Seamless Integration

We, at KiwiQA, ensure seamless integration of the huge piles of data. With the implementation of the best big data strategies, we help in integrating the existing data appropriately. Through better analysis of the current as well as the new data requirements, we serve the best to different businesses.

Quality Solutions

We, at KiwiQA, use high-quality big data testing methods that are in compliance with the benchmarks and quality standards for the best results. We identify potential problems and offer you effective big data solutions. Our dedicated professionals find out the best ways to deliver quality solutions to the clients for enhanced decision making.


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KiwiQA has years of experience in the software testing industry. We assure you to provide optimum test results for your projects. We have the expertise and experience to deliver world-class software testing services to our clients. We offer a wide array of QA services ranging from QA consulting to software testing.

We, at KiwiQA, aim at providing comprehensive software testing solutions at a single platform. We help in ensuring the success of our business clients. We understand the varying requirements of our clients and serve them with our QA services accordingly. Our engineers are experienced at using different automation tools to deliver our clients the best.

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