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Secure Your Website or App with Security Testing

If you want to uncover the vulnerabilities of your software system and want to fix the security threats, then there is no better alternative than going for software security testing services. Security testing intends to determine that the data of the software and the resources are in safe hands and are protected from the possible intruders.

The goal of amateur and professional hackers is to break the security protocols in your system and break into your software to steal information from your corporation. These hackers can break into your system to sabotage your company’s reputation or to steal money. Using security testing, one can confirm that the defensive mechanism is working well for the software.

Why Security Testing Is Necessary?

Security testing is an essential constituent of software development because nowadays, hackers are getting highly sophisticated in their approach towards hacking and security breaches. There is a multitude of reasons for which security testing service is essential. Have a look at some of these!

Arrange and detect security threats and fix them to eradicate the risk factors.
Evade penalties and meet the overall monitoring necessities.
Protect the company image and customer loyalty.
Security breaches, as well as service disturbances, are expensive so opting for security testing can save you a lot of money.
Ensuring that the final product turns to be safe and protected.

Our Software Security Testing Services

Security testing means leaving no stones unturned. We offer you a wide range of services for security testing of your software. Some of these are enlisted below:

Risk Assessment And Ethical Hacking

While reviewing and analyzing the potential risks, we aim to make your software a secure place. Other than that, we try every sort of ethical hacking procedure to test the vulnerability of your system.

Vulnerability Scanning

Detecting the weak points vulnerability assessment aims to check the software thoroughly for any hidden problems that may cause your software to crash frequently. With tools such as port scanner, vulnerability scanner, web application scanner, and network enumerator, we spot every bug that can trouble you.

Penetration Testing

This testing is all about identifying the threats and confining the malicious outside attacks. Usually done to determine the system security, penetration testing includes inspection, scanning, controlling and getting access, adhering to the tracks, and much more.

Security Scanning

Assessing the general security level of a system, security scanning is aimed to simplify the automated analysis of a program, application, or website. Now make vulnerability assessment as well as security testing easy as we help you with security scanning.

Our Approach for Security Testing Service

Though we focus on every aspect that security testing service takes into concern but to summarize our overall approach here is an emphasized detail of our security testing areas:

Network Security

Going through the research and policies of your app, we make sure that there are no breaches in the network. In-network testing we look after finding the overall vulnerabilities in the network infrastructure.

System Software Security

This approach comprises of finding threats in the overall software system, including the database system, Operating system, and other software.

Server-Side Application Security

We follow the server-sided approach to make sure that the software is firm enough to fend off any intrusions in the security code. The server, as well as its technologies, are thoroughly tested and verified to find out whether there are any hidden bugs or not.

Client-Side Application Security

Having the software tested for security on the client’s side ensures that the browser or any tool cannot be manipulated. We protect your software seeing it from every possible aspect to ensure that your system is working properly without any dread.

Why To Choose Us for Security Testing?

There are many reasons for which security testing services are in demand now, and with KiwiQA, the security testing solutions are simplified like anything. An unmatched user experience, blended with unparalleled efficiency is what we offer. Here is a list of reasons that may seem to be compelling enough to hire us. Dive through some of these!

Nimble, agile and responsive methodology for delivery.
A skilled team of experts for a more comprehensive security testing methodology.
Affordable prices that seems reasonable enough to invest in.
Reliable security testing company in UK with years’ of experience.
Vulnerability scanning without leaving a speck of loophole.
Automated cloud tests and much more.

We’re in QA Industry Since2009!

KiwiQA has years of experience in the software testing industry. We assure you to provide optimum test results for your projects. We have the expertise and experience to deliver world-class software testing services to our clients. We offer a wide array of QA services ranging from QA consulting to software testing.

We, at KiwiQA, aim at providing comprehensive software testing solutions at a single platform. We help in ensuring the success of our business clients. We understand the varying requirements of our clients and serve them with our QA services accordingly. Our engineers are experienced at using different automation tools to deliver our clients the best.

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