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Improve user experience with Accessibility Testing

Accessibility testing of software is aimed at enhancing the user experience of the application. It helps in identifying how capable the software is to be used by individuals with special challenges like hearing impairment, blindness, and other potential disabilities. For every business, providing applications that can be conveniently used by the differently-abled people is one of the core responsibilities.

With the help of accessibility testing, the business clients can ensure that the developed software can be easily navigated as well as used by all users. KiwiQA provides quality accessibility testing services in UK to ensure increased performance and quality of the software. KiwiQA being  a leading accessibility testing company, we help the businesses in identifying the accessibility gaps and providing effective solutions through our manual as well as automated accessibility testing.

Why Accessibility Testing Is Necessary?

To ensure easy access of software by different individuals, accessibility testing becomes important. Accessibility testing validates the software’s ability to be accessed easily by the people with special challenges like speech, auditory, visual, cognitive, and motor disabilities. We, at KiwiQA, ensure that every software is perceivable, understandable, operable, and robust to be easily used by all kinds of users. We take the responsibility of providing easy access to people around the globe without any difficulty.

Our Accessibility Testing Services

KiwiQA provides a wide range of comprehensive accessibility testing services. The accessibility testing services offered by KiwiQA in UK include:

Accessibility Testing and Audit

The expert testers of KiwiQA conduct a thorough audit of the software and pay attention to every single detail in order to find out the minor errors that can affect the accessibility of the software.

Accessibility Testing for Business Website

KiwiQA ensures that the business website of clients is in proper compliance with the set standards of the industry.

Accessibility Testing for E-commerce

We, at KiwiQA, help in reducing the business risk for the e-commerce sites. With the help of a well-defined metric, we ensure the full accessibility of the e-commerce sites.

Usability Testing

The usability testing of KiwiQA aims at enhancing the usability of the software and making it easy for use by everyone, especially the differently-abled individuals.

Accessibility Testing for CMS

The accessibility testing of KiwiQA enables clients easy access to the CMS in order to fix the potential issues much easier.

Real User Accessibility Testing

KiwiQA works with real users having specific disabilities and help in resolving the accessibility issues for enhanced user experiences.

Document Accessibility

The document accessibility services of KiwiQA include PDF accessibility, Microsoft PPT accessibility, Microsoft Word accessibility, and Accessible ePub. With the help of a number of evaluation tests, KiwiQA helps in identifying issues, making improvements, and ensuring successful applications.

Screen Reader Testing

With the use of JAWS and NVDA, the expert testers of KiwiQA offer quality screen reader services to the clients. Effective screen reader testing ensures better user experience for the customers.

Accessibility Consulting

We, at KiwiQA, help in identifying the accessibility needs of software and accordingly plan a strategy to minimize the gap while maintaining optimum compliance.

Benefits of Choosing the Accessibility Testing Services of KiwiQA

The benefits of availing the accessibility testing service from KiwiQA are:

Expert Team

At KiwiQA, we have a team of professional experts who have rich knowledge and experience to easily identify minor errors and improve the user experience of the software.

Quality Service

KiwiQA focuses on delivering high-quality services to clients in UK and globally. With efficient accessibility testing services, KiwiQA benefits the business the most.

Advanced Technology

The professional testers at KiwiQA make use of the latest methods and technologies to ensure optimum success of the accessibility testing process.

Reliable Service

We, at KiwiQA, offer reliable services to our clients. By easily identifying errors, starting from the minute to the significant ones, we help in enhancing functionality and meeting the quality standards.


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KiwiQA has years of experience in the software testing industry. We assure you to provide optimum test results for your projects. We have the expertise and experience to deliver world-class software testing services to our clients. We offer a wide array of QA services ranging from QA consulting to software testing.

We, at KiwiQA, aim at providing comprehensive software testing solutions at a single platform. We help in ensuring the success of our business clients. We understand the varying requirements of our clients and serve them with our QA services accordingly. Our engineers are experienced at using different automation tools to deliver our clients the best.

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