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Custom Hybrid Model

A successful project delivery involves a lot of understanding and communication to ensure cost-effectiveness. KiwiQA uses this model to ensure the balance amongst the technology as well as the practices. The benefit of this model is that KiwiQA motivates the project development by collaborating it with the native teams to avoid the communication barriers. It will help you give you an estimated value to get a satisfactory result.

The hybrid model costs less and is light on your pocket and will derive you equal or better outcomes to that of the different models. In the hybrid model, KiwiQA combines the onshore and offshore models together to satisfy the project requirements. It will help detect the loopholes in the project and give out effective results with fewer efforts. By availing this, you can get in touch with both onshore and offshore teams to work on your project at a single time.

Benefits of Choosing Custom Hybrid Model of KiwiQA

Multiple Time Zones

Under this model by KiwiQA, the company will try to implement better ideologies and numerous time zones to reduce the time of development for your needs. It is possible when multiple teams run your project in both offshore and onshore regions.

Better Communication

The way of working for different time zones is different, and therefore, it becomes mandatory to emphasize efficient communication. KiwiQA ensures to eradicate the communication gap during the work commencement on the project. KiwiQA understands the proper intentions of the project delivery from the client’s end before implementing it on to the offshore model. The onshore model works collectively to implement multiple mindsets on a particular project for better delivery.

Better Problem-Solving

It reduces the chance of face-face interactions with the offshore delivery model. The geographical differences come up for making it complicated. But KiwiQA ensures a profound relationship amongst the multiple companies to detect and solve the problems without the need for any face to face interactions. KiwiQA emphasizes on building the trust to get the work done in the right process under this model.

Global Peace With U.S. Law

The offshore model does involve the U.S. law in it as the rules can differ from different parts of the globe. KiwiQA takes the concern to handle this situation under the hybrid model by detecting any such issues before the delivery is attempted. KiwiQA also promotes the best U.S. practices for a consistent efficacy of service offerings.

How Does The Custom Hybrid Model (Onsite + Offshore) Work At KiwiQA?

The team at KiwiQA works by involving multiple time zones of different regions of the globe to reduce the development time and ensure timely delivery.

KiwiQA reduces the chances of high engagement risk that results in delivering productive work for the satisfaction of the clients without any interference of negative repercussions.

KiwiQA also has active-backup facilities in case of any legal interference interrupting the delivery. The company will hold the delivery until the path is clear.

KiwiQA also offer 24*7 support to the clients or customers to clear their doubts and queries on high priority.

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