12 Items Every Penetration Test Report Should Have

The ability to write robust reports is one of the most effective tools for communicating with customers.  A pen tester can significantly benefit from this when communicating what they have done when testing hardened applications.  A report can be written to describe the maturity level of the application, how various attack attempts were blocked or...

5 Advanced Penetration Testing Techniques Every QA Professional Should Know

If you work in an organization that has a data center or any other network infrastructure, you might have to perform penetration testing. This is usually the process of attempting to gain access, for purposes of security and maintenance, into a system that does not usually allow it, such as an email server’s administration panel...

Best Practices for Mobile App Penetration Testing

Do you know that close to 54 percent[1] of the worldwide web traffic is from mobile devices? Global smartphone makers are also looking at lowering prices to meet the growing demands. However, this explosive growth has also led to an exponential demand for different types of mobile applications. There are a number of mobile applications...

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