Top Web Application Security Testing Tools for 2024: A Comprehensive Guide

Security testing for web apps is an important part of security for web apps. It is the process of simulating attacks in order to discover potential vulnerabilities within web applications. It aids businesses in complying with security standards and requirements. Testing web applications should be performed at frequent intervals to ensure that the web applications are...

Web Application Testing Using Selenium IDE [Tutorial]

Is it possible to release any feature of a software product without passing through the QA or testing phase? The answer is a big NO! Testing should ideally be started in the staging environments since it helps in locating bugs at early stages of the product life cycle. Such a strategy is instrumental in ensuring...

Detailed Step-by-step Guide To Web Application Testing

Mobile applications (or mobile apps) have now become the de facto manner through which users access services (or products) on the internet. As per reports by (earlier App Annie)[1], globally consumers are spending much more time on mobile applications in comparison to TV (and other mediums). Average time spent on mobile apps topped 4...

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