Regression Testing In 5G Networks: Challenges And Solutions For Telecom Providers

The gigantic transformation of telecommunication networks from 4G to 5G has announced an unparalleled improvement in interconnection, speed, and bandwidth. However, with these developments comes a plethora of difficulties, specifically in guaranteeing the standard and dependability of these new networks. Regression testing, a crucial feature of quality assurance, validates that formerly developed and tested software...

Why Regression Software Testing Is Critical In Fintech?

Across the globe, the usage of fintech applications is growing at a phenomenal pace. Much of this growth can be largely attributed to the rapid proliferation of mobile phones and mobile internet. As per 2021 statistics[1], out of 4.66 billion global active internet users; close to 4.32 billion users accessed the internet on mobile devices....

How To Optimize Regression Test Suite?

Folks in the software industry, particularly developers and testers, would agree that more the features introduced in the product, there is a higher probability of bug discoverability. Does this mean that the respective teams are lagging behind in rigorously testing the product? Definitely not! With Agile and Continuous Testing becoming more & more relevant, software...

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